Bala subash V

Tagore medical college This place has been my second home for 6 yrs .It was a semi roller-coaster ride with huge ups and frequent downs. This campus made me who i am today.

Looking back myself 7 yrs before as 3rd Incoming batch of this instituion , TAGORE has grown progressively in academics,infrastructure and maintaing its student friendly atmosphere. The strength of the instituion is its enthusiatic Teachers and Seniors, they encourage,lead,guide,motivate and co-participate with us students in BOTH academic and extra-curricular events. Our college students have fair share of Trophies and representation in all intercollege SPORTS events .About our hospital..we can expect a decent case load , our professors are student friendly and your intership will be the HONEYMOON phase provided u r sincere to ur work and ur patients.

Our Sirs and mams' have guided us in many ICMR projects,national and international conferences . Here u can find many doctors with inclination towards research.

I thank my seniors(2010 &11 batch) and entire juniors..who are family.! without them i cant imagine my ug days.

Medical college is a place where ur Fellow seniors , teachers ,proffersors become ur role model.

The administrative staff are receptive. The chairman of the instituion is easily approchable to students and she gives ears to students suggestion. One thing i want to say is..

This place wont disappoint u..its a rainbow of experiece for any student here.. one should need is sincerity to the proffesion and everthing else will happen with the flow..just wait for it..

Dr. Sathish Kumar
2015-2021 batch

My UG days in Tagore was one of the best part of my life , Tagore has fulfilled my dream of becoming a Doctor without which I couldn't have achieved this feat.
Being placed in the outer part of the City , College has the peaceful and eco-friendly environment ..... Strength of the college is it's Students friendly Teachers who put tremendous efforts to create quality future doctors , teaching is so good , clinical postings are very productive. Our teachers guide us to participate in many ICMR projects , Quizzes , CME , workshops. College encourages us not only in academics but also in Extracurricular activities like sports, culturals , festivals , and all other important days
Campus was Ragging free , Our seniors were so supportive and friendly and so were we to our juniors.
Hospital has a decent patient load to gain our clinical knowledge .
Our Chairperson Dr.Mala is students friendly , Adminstrative staffs are also receptive.
Finally, Tagore is the place of Divine which will help you to Shine in your life.