Central Research laboratory


The development of good research skill is strongly linked to the improvisations in the medical care. Hence it is imperative for undergraduate and post graduate medical students to practice research during their studies. Thus college has established various facilities and committees to encourage and facilitate research activities among the staff members and students.

Central Research laboratory

Tagore Medical College and Hospital has established a well equipped central research facility to enable the faculty members and students to undergo various research projects. The central research laboratory was established during the year 2010. The main objectives of establishing a central research laboratory are:

  • To coordinate and centralize the research activities of the college.
  • To create a centralized sophisticated instrumentation facilities
  • The administration and documentation of research projects.

The facility has been created in an area of 2250 sq.ft. with different specialties. Following are the important facilities that are made available:

Molecular Facilities – for Performing PCR and RFLP Studies

  • PCR instrument (Biorad)
  • Gel documentation system (Biorad)
  • Refrigerated microfuge (Eppendorf)
  • Submarine gel electrophoresis system (Biorad)
  • Biophotometer (UV-Vis spectrophotometer) (Eppendorf)
  • Biosafety cabinet class II
  • Ultradeep freezer (- 80OC)

Bioinformatics Facilities

1.Online Data mining

2.Molecular docking facility

  • a.Autodock and Autodock vina
  • b.iGEMDOCK
  • c.Hex

3.Molecular modeling

  • a.Argus lab
  • b.UCSF chimera
  • c.Discovery studio 2015 client
  • d.Pymol
  • e.Rasmoll
  • f.Modeller
  • g.Easy Modeller
  • h.Deep view(Swiss pdb viewer)





Apart from above facilities, the central research laboratory has statistical software to perform sample size estimation and descriptive and inferential statistics of the scientific data.

The laboratory has also facilities to perform anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities of herbal products.

The central research laboratory of Tagore Medical College is one among few medical colleges to establish bioinformatics facilities. Through the bioinformatics facility many research papers on molecular modeling and docking have been published.

Students research activities

The students are encouraged in research activities by the faculty members of all the departments. Every year many ICMR-STS projects are sanctioned to our college. Following are the list of ICMR-STS projects sanctioned:

1.     Dr. A. Balaji
Associate Professor Community Medicine
Sandhya RajendranMental health problems among adolescent school going children2012Completed and approved
2.     Dr. R. K. Premavathi
Professor and Head Microbiology
S. Sruthi PriyadarsiniIsolation and antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria from foot infections in the patients with diabetes mellitus Type I and Type II2012Completed and approved
3.     Dr. A. BalajiSandhya RajendranComparative study on traditional and laser hemorroidectomy2013Completed and approved
4.     Dr. S. Manikandan
Associate Professor of Physiology
Priya Arthi A.Analysis of prevalence of anaemia among young males and females in reference intelligence and socio economical status in TN2013Completed and approved
5.     Dr. R. K. Premavathi
Professor and Head
Dinesh . AA study on anti-adhesive properties of certain Indian medicinal plants against uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from the cases of Urinary tract infection2013Completed and approved
6.     Dr. Sreedevi
Professor of Surgery
Prajitha SasidharanA study on types of anaemia among hyperthyroid patients2013Completed and approved
7.     Dr. Bharani Rajkumar
Associate Professor of Surgery
M.A. PoornimaPrevalence of inguinal hernia and associated risk factors among different age groups2013Completed and approved
8.     Dr. G. Srinivasa Nageswararao
Assistant Professor of Biochemstry
AbayambigaiEarly Prediction of Nephropathy and atherosclerosis in Indian patients with Type 2 DM2013Completed and approved
9.     Dr. S. Priestly
Professor of Pharmacology
Nivetha. AAdverse drug reactions caused by Beta blockers2013Completed and approved
10.  Dr. R. Geetha
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
S. RajeswariComparative study of Iron supplement in south Indian antenatal women with Iron deficiency anaemia2013Completed and approved
11.  Dr. R. K. Premavathi
Professor and Head, Microbiology
Ms. Abiramavalli RDesign of Cholera Toxin Antagonists by molecular docking from polyphenolic compounds of tea.2014Completed and approved
12.  Dr. Beulah Edwin
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Ms. Mullai M. AEvaluation of the baseline Widal titre in healthy individuals of Kancheepuram District, TamilNadu2014Completed and approved
13.  Dr. Preetha Paul
Assistant Professor of Physiology
Mohammed Sajjed AkbarA study of BMI and nasal mucociliary clearance in healthy south Indian adult2014Completed and approved
14.  Ms. P. N. Ruvanthika
Assistant Professor of Physiology
AkilaA Study of changes in cardio-pulmonary parameters due to exposure of cotton dust in cotton mill workers of TN2014Completed and approved
15.  Dr. A. Balaji
Associate Professor Community Medicine
Aravind PrasadOccupational stress – A major public health issue.2014Completed and approved
16.  Dr. R. K. Premavathi
Professor and Head, Microbiology
T. Iswarya, In silico design of primers and development of PCR-RFLP test for the detection of antibiotic sensitivity in Helicobacter pylori2015Completed and approved
17.  Dr. Beulah Edwin
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Nawin Jai VigneshA Study of the Microbial Flora present on Mobile Phones of Health Care Providers and Inpatients attending Tertiary Care Hospital in Chennai2015Completed and approved
18.  Dr. I. Kannan
Associate Professor of Microbiology
JaphereenaPreparation of pharmacophore inhibitors of VP35 of Ebola virus from polyphenolic compounds of plants – An in silico approach2015Completed and approved
19.  Dr. G. Srinivasa Nageswararao
Assistant Professor of Biochemstry
SaravananBiochemical studies in relation to the risk factors of metabolic syndrome and CVD in south India population with sub-clinical thyroid disease.2015Completed and approved
20.  Dr. M. Balamurugan
Professor and Head Pathology
K. Santosh KumarMolecular docking studies of transcription factors involved in cancer2015Completed and approved
S. No. Name of the student Name of the guide Topic
1 T. Shanmathi, Pre-final MBBS Dr. R. Dinesh Raj Assistant Professor, Microbiology In silico study of phytochemicals and their derivatives of Nelumbo nucifera as inhibitors of NSP4 of rotavirus
2 R. Dorothy, II MBBS Dr. T.K.V. Saravanan, Professor and Head of General Medicine A community based study of occupational health problems among construction worker in Kanyakumari district
3 Rithu T. Praveen, II MBBS Dr. S. Manikandan, Associate Professor of Physiology The mental health status of high school adolescents in a sub-urban community, Tamilnadu
4 V. Pooja, II MBBS Dr. E. Premalatha, Associate Professor of Microbiology Molecular docking study of phytochemicals of Alphinia galanga and their derivatives as inhibitors of beta-ketoacyl reductase (MobA) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
5 K. Thanishka, II MBBS Dr. I. Kannan, Associate Professor of Microbiology Molecular docking study on phytochemicals of Ocimum santum Linn and their derivatives as inhibitors of salidase catalytic conserved site of neuramidase of Influenza virus
6 F. Hanscie Dinah, II MBBS Dr. S. A. Ganesh, Associate Professor of Community Medicine A cross sectional study on nomophobia among under graduate medical students in Chennai.
7 S. Sham Deepak, II MBBS Dr. P. Savetha, Assistant Professor of Microbiology Molecular docking studies of phytochemicals from Phyllanthus amarus against core protein N-terminal protein of Hepatitis B virus.
8 Renita Jacob, II MBBS Mrs. Subamalani, Assistant Professor of Physiology A correlation between dietary and exercise habits and perceived barriers among medical students in tertiary health care institution
S. No. Name of the student Title of the study Name of guide Department
1 M. Vikas Kumar Reddy Study on blood pressure measurements among medical students Dr. V. Vijayaraghavan, Professor and Head Anatomy
2 M. Dharani Physiological benefits of smoking cessation among employees at tertiary healthcare institutions, Kanchipuram district, Tamilnadu. Mr. A. Sasikumar, Assistant Professor Physiology
3 R. M. Abinayaa Bax gene mutation associated among smokers susceptible for oral cancer Mr. S. Nagesh, Assistant Professor Pharmacology
4 InduShanmugha Sundaram Evaluation of haematological parameters and risk factors associated with pulmonary tuberculosis patients Dr. D. Manimaran, Professor and Head Pathology
5 A. Harishmitha Screening of Anti-HBs levels in HBV vaccinated medical students of a tertiary care teaching hospital to evaluate the efficacy of HBV vaccine Dr. R. G. Sukumar, Professor and Head Microbiology
6 S. Harinie An in-silico study of alkaloids of Andrographis paniculate and their derivatives as inhibitors of NS3 helicase, NS3 protease and NS5 methyl-transferase of Dengue virus. Dr. I. Kannan, Associate Professor Microbiology
7 A. Aishwarya Molecular docking study on phytochemicals of Azadirachtaindica and their derivatives as inhibitors of Type I 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase of Salmonella Typhi Dr. E. Premalatha, Associate Professor Microbiology
8 S. Jyothsna Ann Teresa Study on Phytochemicals of Psidium guajave L. and their derivates as inhibitors of Cholera toxin (CT) by molecular docking Mrs. Sony Paul, Assistant Professor Microbiology
9 G. Udaya Molecular docking study of polyphenolic compounds of Albizialebbeck L. and their deriatives as inhibitors of Transketolase of Plasmodium falciparum Dr. Dinesh Raj, Assistant Professor Microbiology
10 R. Aadarshna Neck circumference as a risk indicator for Type 2 diabetes mellitus ? A community based cross-sectional study Dr. A. Balaji, Professor and Head Community Medicine
11 Jagadeesh Srinivasan Self-care practices among Type II diabetes in rural area of Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu. Dr. R. C. Karthik, Assistant Professor Community Medicine
12 R. Vedanayagi A study on occupational rhinitis among school teachers in suburban areas around Chennai. Dr. Vincent Prasanna, Professor and Head ENT