R Karthikeyan II MBBS

I am R KARTHIKEYAN from 2018 Batch (Exam going 2nd year batch ) . I would like to share one of my memorable moment that happened today in my life .

To introduce myself, I am training NEET Students for past 3 years . My biggest dream was to train government students for the same and provide them with a standard content and get them into field of MEDICINE. I tried to convey to people whenever I get an opportuinity .

I got to see a post way back in 2019 from Sri aurobindosociety , Delhi ( A National level Teachers association) that opened nominations for NATIONAL TEACHER AWARD . We have to submit a Writeup to the association on our plans to improve the standard of RURAL EDUCATION. I submitted my Writeup on Improving the quality of NEET TRAINING for GOVT. SCHOOL STUDENTS.

I got an SPECIAL APPRECIATION AWARD from the organisation. With the award , I met Chief Educational Officer (CEO) – CHENNAI DISTRICT and I was allotted South Chennai Centre and was training 80 govt school students .

Later due to lockdown , I was not able to continue. I was actively looking for platforms where I could reach people ..

Finally I got my platform “ FELLOW CITIZEN “ , an initiative taken by Adhavanadhithyan and Arun Krishnamurthy , to motivate the young generation to contribute to society , where they sponsor for selected social activities..

There were about 300+ Nominations out of which 15 candidates were shortlisted for the Interview and I was one among them .

The interview panel consisted of Adhavanadhithyan and ArunKrishnamurthy , along with our vice chancellor , DR. SUDHA SEESHYAN madam . She was interviewing me , at the end everybody was impressed and appreciated . And madam said , She feels proud to have a STUDENT like me in her University .

At this point of time , I would like to thank the college management , my professors , my batchmates, my parents and family for their constant support and motivation that have given me one of the best moments in my life.