Department Of Respiratory Medicine

  • Department
  • HOD Profile
  • Over the year’s department has grown to this level with OPD number graduating to 60 – 70 patients per day with the ward bed strength of 30.
  • Required therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are being regularly performed in the department.

Services Available

  • Daily Opd For Respiratory Diseases Patients
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Bronchoscopy
  • Pulmonary Functon Testing With Gas Diffusion Studies
  • Inter Costal Drain Insertion
  • Diagnostic And Therapeutic Thoracentesis
  • Pleurodesis
  • CPAP And BIPAP Therapy For Respiratory Diseases
  • Tru-Cut Biopsy Of Lung / Pleural Biopsies
  • Fnac-Lung Mass / Lymph Node
  • Co Check / Arterial Blood Gas Analysis


  • Functioning as a DMC and DOTS centre.
  • All the TB cases diagnosed at various departments of our hospital are being registered and referred for ATT at nearby DOTS centre through REFERRAL FORM.
  • Patients residing in and around our hospital are given treatment under RNTCP at our centre.
  • Core committee has been formed to guide the plan and functioning of RNTCP activities in our hospital.
  • Sensitization programme conducted for CRRI, Staff nurses and Para- medical workers.

HOD Profile

Dr.K. Vikram Reddy
-- Professor & HOD of Respiratory Medicine

Department of Respiratory Medicine



I.RNTCP Ist Core Committe Meeting

 DATE 13.10.2015:

CME : Standard Care Of TB Under RNTCP.

Participants : 200 members.

Speakers :

1.Dr.Lakshmi Murali,M.D.Chest,State TB Officer.


II.RNTCP Refresher Course Programme For Undergraduates.

DATE :15.03.2016

Participants : 200 members

Topics :

  • Epidemiology of tuberculosis and RNTCP Overview.
  • Diagnosis of TB Under RNTCP
  • Lab Diagnosis of TB Under RNTCP
  • Management of TB Under RNTCP including Special Situation and Adverse reactions
  • TB Forms,Register & Reporting System under RNTCP
  • TB Notification & Monitoring under RNTCP
  • Practical approach at various level,Grouo Discussion and Group presentation

Speakers :

  • A.D.Nageswari M.D.D.T.C.D,Prof &HOD of Respiratory Medicine.
  • Bindu M.D.Chest.Asst Professor of Respiratory Medicine.
  • Jeyakumari M.D,Prof of Microbiology.
  • Nalini M.D.D.T.C.D.Superintendent Otteri TB Hospital,Zonal Task Force Cochair Tamilnadu.
  • K.R.John M.D.SPM,Prof & Head of community medicine,SRM Medical College.
  • G.Meenakshi D.T.C.D.Deputy Director of Medical Service (TB)I/C.Kancheepuram.


III. RNTCP II Core Committe Meeting.

DATE :21.04.2016

IV .Symposium on Bronchial Asthama.

DATE :28.06.2016.
Participants : 200 members

Topics :

  • Introduction Epidemiology, Etiology, Types of Bronchial
  • Pathophysiology of Bronchial asthama.
  • Clinical Diagnosis including Differential Diagnosis
  • Management of Bronchial asthama.
  • Childhood Bronchial asthama.

Speakers :

  • A.D.Nageswari .
  • V.Aruna Patmavathy
  • K.B.Prasanna
  • Bindu
  • K.Madhumitha

V.Clinical Research Made Easy.

DATE : 03.08.2016


  • Research methodology
  • Skills of Manuscript writing
  • Funding guidelines


  • D.M. Chirste MBBS,DGO,PhD
  • Raja Anand M.pharm PhD
  • E. Balaji M.Tech