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The Department of ENT provides the highest possible quality of care to the patients. The department functions on all days from 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM except Sundays. Emergency services are provided on all days including holidays by the duty team. The faculties, residents and support staff are committed to provide a variety of services and treatment for diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck disorders.


  • The department has 4 OPD cubicles with state of the art OPD units for examination of patients. It has a separate procedure room with an equipped endoscopy unit in which Diagnostic endoscopic procedures, ear wax removal and other procedures are carried out.
  • The department has specialty clinics which function on specific days of the week from 12.00 PM – 1.00 PM, Vertigo clinic on Tuesday, Allergy clinic on Monday and Thursday, Headache clinic on Wednesday and Friday, Deafness clinic on Saturday.
  • The department has a dedicated room for Stroboscopy for patients with voice disorders and another room for video nystagmography for evaluating patients with giddiness.
  • We have a dedicated sleep lab with Polysomnography machine and CPAP titration machine.
  • The department has a well equipped speech and audiology wing with facilities for Audiometry and Tympanometry services. The speech therapist takes active care of patients suffering from speech and language disorders. The section of Audiology offers services for hearing loss, deafness and vertigo. The audiology section is equipped with OAE for newborn hearing screening, pure tone and impedance Audiometers,  BERA


The department has ongoing research works on

  • 1. Analysis of vitamin D3 in adults presenting with Benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo in Tertiary care hospital which will benefit patients with BPPV in identifying deficiencies and in incorporating estimation of vitamin D3 level as a routine workup to prevent recurrence.
  • 2. Study of Nasal Bacterial colonization in cases of epistaxis in children and young adults.
  • 3. Evaluation of SNHL in Paediatric patients with unilateral CSOM mucosal disease.
  • 4. Study of Role of Helicobacter Pylori and laryngopharyngeal reflux in recurrent tonsillitis.
  • An ICMR project was done by Vedanayagi R , undergraduate student in 2018 on the Topic A Study on occupational rhinitis among school teachers in suburban areas around Chennai.

The ENT department is in the process of continuously upgrading itself to keep a pace with ever growing demands in patient care and it provides the best in health care.


  • he department celebrated the world hearing day on March 3rd 2022, with an awareness propaganda conducted in neighbourhood villages on importance of hearing preservation,evaluation and rehabilitation. The propaganda vehicle was flagged off by the Dean Prof. Dr. Kumudha Lingaraj. A talk on the importance of audiology in ENT practice was given by guest speaker Prof. Dr. A. P. Sambandam.
  • The following CMEs were conducted by the department of ENT

  • ON 22nd July 2016 on the topic Allergic rhinitis by guest Speaker Maj. Prasanna kumar, DNB, ENT & DLO and Dr. Ilambharathi M.S ENT.
  • On April 16th 2017, on occasion of World voice day a CME was conducted.
  • On 26th Oct 2017, Pediatric ENT update was held by guest Speaker Prof. Muraleedharan and Prof Dr. Anthony Irudhayaraj Francis.
  • On 14th June 2019, an Update on Endoscopy in ENT was held by guest Speaker - Dr. K. Ravi and Dr. Thalapathy Ramkumar.
  • On 16th Dec 2020, A Virtual CME on Obstructive Sleep Apnea was held by guest speaker Dr. M. K. Rajasekar.
  • International Week of deaf was observed on 21st - 27th September 2020.
  • On occasion of World hearing day 2021 a Rally was conducted in TAGORE medical college for creating awareness.

The department conducted a webinar on February 7th 2022 on Tinnitus by the Guest speaker Prof. Ravi from SRM medical college in order to commensurate the Tinnitus week celebration from February 7th to 13th, 2022 in Tagore medical college.


As a part of social responsibility the department involves in community health camps.

The department ensures training of undergraduate students in Rural centres to provide assessment of hearing and to manage basic ENT ailments at the community level.

Inpatient facilities

The ENT OT is well equipped with equipments like ZEISS operating microscope with teaching aid and recording facility, Stryker HD video camera and monitor, KARL STORZ endoscopes, xomed straight shot, M4 powered sinus shaver system

All ENT surgeries including FESS, Advanced Endoscopic sinus surgery, microdebrider assisted FESS, septoplasty, Tonsillectomy, Mastoidectomy, micro ear surgery and endoscopic ear surgery, emergencies like foreign body removal, rigid bronchoscopy, flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, phonosurgeries, tracheostomy, CO2 LASER from G3 systems which we use for LASER assisted ENT surgeries, head and neck surgeries are performed by experienced team of specialists. Surgeries are carried out in the start of art theatre complex of the hospital on daily basis since there is a dedicated ENT operation theatre with latest equipments in the main OT complex.


The department has a well equipped ICT enabled classroom with projector demo rooms with adequate seating capacity for students as per norms.

The faculty & residents have facilities for hands on training experience for performing temporal bone surgery in our temporal bone dissection lab.

The department is constantly expanding and has a well equipped library with necessary reference books.

The department has a well equipped museum for students.